Friday, April 8, 2011

Boot Camp!....OUCH!

Well i thought I'd throw something new up....i don't have pictures but i thought i would share. Val left me a nice message to take it easy packing otherwise i could end up sore and not being able to do much.....HA HA HA!! Well i started up a boot camp on Wednesday with my older sister and a few girls from work and well let me tell ya.
I'm a real site right now....I can barely walk down the stairs... Oh and  What is that Ethan you want Momma to play soccer...Ha! Ha! right i can't run let alone even get on the floor to play with him. I can barely sit on the's good times : )
So i try and stay on my feet all day because I'm much more comfortable that way...boot camp really does get your butt off the couch.....because your to sore to sit.

Hope you can all get a laugh out of this because Corey and I sure are.

Have a wonderful weekend and i will miss joining you ladies for Mojo!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mojo 185

Ok so let me just start by saying I am very happy i got to participate in this Mojo but i am not happy with this card. As most of you don't know i am moving in 2 weeks and well i was going to wait until after this Mojo to pack up my craft stuff but i couldn't wait. So i packed up my stuff with regret on the weekend and so today i got to make my Mojo card with whatever i had left out....which by the way wasn't very much.

So here is the Mojo sketch
Here is what i came up with....I flipped the sketch
So supplies used were Recollections open card stock, Heidi's Design open card stock. The flower and leaf i cut out by hand except the small centre ones as they were cut out long ago on the cricut (i was just lucky i had them as i didn't have anything else to use in the centre and my lovely smile sign is also made by me :) I used my son's crayon to mark up the edges a bit. 

This one isn't going to win me anything but i look forward to Mojo and so i thought hey I'm going to give it a try.....I have to admit was somewhat fun trying to embellish with my own hands.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! and i look forward to seeing your future Mojo's as i wont be participating after this week for a few weeks.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pixie Dust Paperie Giveaway

Just wanting to let some of you ladies know that Pixie Dust Paperie is doing an April giveaway so go on over and enter for a chance to win some Goodies.
All you have to do for a random drawing entry is......

1. Become a follower if you haven't yet - get one chance
2. Post on your blog about this giveaway with a link back to us, come back and tell us and you'll get another chance.
it will run from 3/31 - 4/18
So go on over and check them out!