Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pay it Forward!

Well a few weeks back I had checked out Heidi's Blog and she was participating in a Pay it forward, and so for the first two people who left a commented on her blog  she was going to send out a surprise in the mail. Well I happened to be the second person who had comment and well I received my little surprise last week. So the deal was I had to agree to Pay it Forward as well, so I am now offering for the first two people to comment on my blog I will send you something useful in the mail. The only catch being you have to be willing to Pay it forward as well, It can be store bought or something homemade.....you decide.

So I really enjoyed making my Mojo yesterday that I sat last night and made a couple more. So I thought for I would post one of them for you and maybe save the other for later this week.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

P.S I forgot to mention in my Pay it Forward the i only felt it was fair to not include my mother (judgirl) in it only because she knew i was doing this and well we always share our supplies so i feel like we are always paying it forward with each other : )


Judgirl said...

love the cards ...like how you tied the ribbon and your rolled paper flowers ...I can see you will have to give me lessons...I just can't get them :(


ZUzanna said...

Nice colours! Sweet! :)

Notes by Nina said...

Very pretty, seems you are on a roll :) (no pun intended) with those flowers. Again great colours. Have a great weekend.

ZUzanna said...

Thank you very much for a beautiful present!! You really made my day!! Now I am looking forward to organise the game on my blog! thanks once again! xoxo