Saturday, May 21, 2011

One for the weekend!

Well here is a card i started last week and well it took me a few days...not because it was difficult but again this was another card i had started and had nothing to finish it off with. So the paper i had used on this card got me inspired to make paper flowers so for 3 days i was trying to make flowers. I am not sure if i got what i wanted when i had set out to do this card but over all i am happy with it.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and i hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.



VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Samantha:)
WOW!!You and your Mom are leaving me in the dust!!!:) LOVE your cards!! So COOL and Soo PRETTY TOO!!
I know what you mean about gluing them down as you go.Sounds easy..but I find sometimes..I have glued a part down before I realized the ribbon needed to be tucked behind it.LOL So..I have been checking that out lately.hehe
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


CardArTart said...

Samantha that flower is gorgeous. I just did a tri-fold card like this and wish I had thought of a flower on the front!

Notes by Nina said...

Wow Sam, that is fabulous. Love the colours. The flower is fantastic.

Mrs. Miles said...

OhmGOSH Sammy, this is awesome and amazing! I love these folded cards, know there is a name for them but it eludes me. Absolutely incredible! Where did you find the pattern for this?

Love you,
Aunty Barb

Judy said...

wow girl looks awesome ...they are neat cards to make. I am so behind in Mojo Mondays..maybe I can catch up on this weeks.


ZUzanna said...

Wow!! this card is amazing!! Love every detail!!